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Planning to add an Alaskan Malamute to your family?

Malamutes were originally bred to think and act independently for the sake of protecting the sled team. Hazardous and unpredictable Arctic trail conditions rewarded the ability of a Malamute to rely on its own senses and, when necessary, override the sled driver's judgment and commands. As such, the breed is notorious for displaying a highly independent streak that manifests itself as stubbornness.

Malamutes are loyal and very affectionate toward their pack and family members. They adopt easily to several environments. They love people and children but also love their independance.
Malamutes require a lot of love and attention, especially when they are young. Lack of affection and a clear sense of the malamute's place in your family right from the start, could result in unwanted behaviour later on in life.

The love you give a malmute is returned by it with interest!